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Mobile Payroll

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Tax ​Filing

Collect, deposit, file

all payroll taxes on your behalf

Direct Deposit

on-time each pay date .

Employee Portal

Empower employees to maintain information, view paystubs and w2s.

Simple Set Up

We transfer information from prior provider. Instant access.


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What is Payroll Software-as-a-Service?

It’s access to payroll software with payroll tax filing and direct deposit completely automated. We will deposit and file all your applicable federal, state, and local payroll taxes. And move the direct deposit to the employees bank account.

Why do I need Payroll Software-as-a-Service?

Payroll tax management can be challenging for small business owners who are juggling their daily operations, and just one missed payroll tax deposit can result in fines and penalties. The payroll tax service can take away your worries about payroll tax management and allow you to focus on the business at hand.

When are my tax returns filed?

Each tax agency has its own rules about when tax returns should be filed. The Software knows the timing and format at which your specific tax agencies require filings.

When are my tax liabilities deposited?

Each tax agency may have its own deposit frequency. Based on the tax jurisdiction and deposit frequency you select, The Software will pay your tax liabilities at the correct time.

When do I get debited for my payroll tax liabilities?

Once you process your payroll, you immediately receive an invoice; the invoice date tells when the tax liability funds will come out of your account. You should have the funds in your account at least one business day before the date on the invoice. (Note: if you ever run a same-day payroll, you must ensure funds are available that day for your liabilities.)

How do I know everything is done correctly?

We guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of our work. A history of the tax deposits and filings that we’ve done on your behalf is provided to you online. So, you can see for yourself!

Can I export my payroll data into QuickBooks?
Yes, if you use QuickBooks Desktop, you can export your payroll into QuickBooks using the IIF file format. If you use QuickBooks Online, you can connect your account and your payroll activity can automatically be sent as journal entries. You can also download a CSV file from the Payroll Details report.  The CSV file contains all of the amounts for each employee in the payroll.                                     

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